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As writer’s, bloggers and general creatives, it’s nice to be acknowledged now and again. Life, and other commitments that can leave us feeling drained or even depleted. Being a creative person myself I like innovation, and people I can relate to who are making waves in industries outside of their field. So, when Google, you know the big multi-national company takes time out to retweet the ‘ground-breaking’ and well-humoured comment I made about Issa Rae is the new voice of Google Assistant, it’s a big deal. 

Whilst I wasn’t expecting to be “noticed” by Google, my focus was on the fact that I did not expect to hear Issa Rae’s voice or any other modern-day, multi-talented Actress/Writer as my new assistant! Still, thanks to Google (waits for app to open). I have one genuine question though? How do I get Issa Rae’s voice on my assistant as I only hear it on my brother’s phone? The default theme isn’t doing it for me right now, not until I hear her on my phone. I know. With my blog and all this talk about Google, you’ll think I’ll be the most tech-savvy. Anyway, thanks Google!      


We’ve all been in awkward situations. (Some more frequently than others). 😊 Here’s a little list I made earlier:

1) Getting a random friend request on Facebook, and after one month into accepting you get asked the following…

“Do I know you?”

2) Having that long-time crush who knows nothing about the fact you’re heart skips a beat when they pass by and then the moment arrives, he/she is stood in front of you & introduces themselves asking for you’re name, and silence. When you finally do remember to speak, you do weird things like look at you’re hands or ladies? touch the hair. (I’m sorry I had to do it).

3) Here comes the potential line manager with: “You say you’re a leader in your CV, what makes you think that?” Or “Why did you leave you’re last job?” Just before you can answer you’re hit with, “How do I know you won’t do the same here?” Seriously, I’ve heard first hand of these cases and would hate to be in that situation, though I’ve had the odd weird encounter myself.


I say its how you handle it. Awkward is one of those waves that come, unofficially deemed “cool” thanks to celebrity branding, or just sell millions of records. Take Pharrell for example, N.E.R.D? I mean the name says it all, but he was nothing but himself, and it worked. With the huge success of Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl, awkwardness might be here to stay. So, the next time anyone makes you feel awkward, own it. Or just think of you’re favourite celebrity or someone you admire, they’re probably just as awkward as you.

How would you deal with awkwardness in any situation? Don’t be shy, take the poll and find out!