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As writer’s, bloggers and general creatives, it’s nice to be acknowledged now and again. Life, and other commitments that can leave us feeling drained or even depleted. Being a creative person myself I like innovation, and people I can relate to who are making waves in industries outside of their field. So, when Google, you know the big multi-national company takes time out to retweet the ‘ground-breaking’ and well-humoured comment I made about Issa Rae is the new voice of Google Assistant, it’s a big deal. 

Whilst I wasn’t expecting to be “noticed” by Google, my focus was on the fact that I did not expect to hear Issa Rae’s voice or any other modern-day, multi-talented Actress/Writer as my new assistant! Still, thanks to Google (waits for app to open). I have one genuine question though? How do I get Issa Rae’s voice on my assistant as I only hear it on my brother’s phone? The default theme isn’t doing it for me right now, not until I hear her on my phone. I know. With my blog and all this talk about Google, you’ll think I’ll be the most tech-savvy. Anyway, thanks Google!