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Countdown & Resolutions, Part 2


There’s something about December, when you begin to reflect. Less than two weeks to Christmas, just under three weeks to the new year it happens all the time. I think about what needs changing, and after binge-watching an entire series of Fresh-Prince, here I am with “Feel Rich” on Netflix. Other than my cold, I’m feeling good. The holidays are near and what I want for the New Year remains unchanged; living my best life, better finances and expanding my blog. But while I know what I want, knowing what I don’t want will mean me sailing through-2018. One of the things I can’t stand, is to argue. So far so good. Still, there are people who will expect you to be honest and ask this of you, (it happened to me) and if it doesn’t fit with their way of living or meet expectations, they’ll argue with you. Since I love to write I appear to know what to say, it’s all words right? If you know me, you’ll know I hate, I mean despise arguments. I’m not talking debates and all that good stuff, I’m talking round and round and round we go.

I’m not going to argue

I was tested with this a few weeks ago over a post I wrote. The minute I saw (name, anything, guys…) lemon. The minute I saw the angle Lemon was coming from, I left him with the last word. So Lemon made a comment then I replied. Then he replied to my reply, and I saw where it was going so I said ok. (In my mind) and that was that. I didn’t care how I looked or if the impression was, that I had nothing to say. For all I knew, I wasn’t going to argue. Honestly, it was liberating. I had no regrets over keeping quiet-which brings me to a recent encounter. So I was asked a question, but questioned on my reply. Then questioned again and again, as if I wasn’t telling the truth? It was important I made things clear, but going back and forth wasn’t my intention. I couldn’t get to the real issue, without addressing what had become the focus. Mistakes I’d made before, was explaining, making sure the point was brought home at least…Lime, won’t take it the wrong way.

Have I Got News

What I’ve realised is, even if you have the best intentions someone somewhere, will always take it the wrong way. I have come across someone who said they love arguing, which is so funny to me now but you see, there are argumentative people who will call themselves out.

Moving Forward

I tend to move on and forget about the events that took place where an argument is concerned.

Don’t forget

Practice what you preach (this goes for me). I’m only human, no buts… When I blog I don’t look back, it’s like I never wrote it. But I’m going to need this, and a few others too.

Finally Moving Forward

There was no other way to put it. I laughed a little but I’m serious, so stay with me. If asserting yourself leads to an argument, it’s them and not you. It’s a control thing. Disagreements will happen and opinions are here to stay, but people who have few boundaries are going to cross yours. For as long as I’ve made my point, there’s no need to prove it. Sorry goes a long way too. It doesn’t always mean you’re in the wrong, rather a sign of maturity & that you’re willing to be the bigger person. Here’s to a drama-free 2018, being snowed under with my Lemon-Tea oh and I can’t talk, I’m on voice-rest.


Countdown & Resolutions


Looking at aspects of my life so far, I’ve experienced more growth and challenges in the space of one month, then I’ve ever experienced before. From reviving my blog to job changes, dealing with my love-life and the notion of forgiveness. What I want in life and where I could go next, is as good as breathing. Things that I can’t change will remain unchanged, but the one thing I do have a say over, is myself.  What direction my rainbow life goes in next, is totally up to me. As the year comes to an end, my new years resolution will be to tick what’s next in my life, as and when, it happens. So I’m going to have a toast, to the old and welcome the new. New life, new ideas, new money and a new way of dancing through life, even as the music slows down.