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My Atlanta Trip Part 2 of 3


Atlanta, Georgia. Home to Centennial Park (host of the 96’ Olympics), World of Coca Cola, Ponce City Market, CNN and many more. Georgia is a big place as I’ve been told and seen through driving. The cities include: Savannah, Augusta, Marietta and Atlanta itself! Pretty confusing right? Before I wrote this blog, I thought Atlanta was what London is to the UK- as London, makes up the only city in London. Then came the research.

Atlanta’s a big place and I’ve seen enough now, to want to tour the south.What has impressed me the most is the southern hospitality; it’s true what they say.  Whilst there is good and bad in every place, my experiences were a little more personal and left a positive effect. My initial flight was to New York for a few days, then I flew from Newark with a stopover in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love sweets and anything to do with snacks, so after my 5 am flight from New Jersey, I needed my fix.

There I was waiting in the queue, and a lovely white lady probably in her late 40’s – 50’s said hello and asked how I was. It was not the cashier – again bubbly but my point is, it left a lasting impression. Whilst I don’t and do care about race, the hospitality shown, applies to anyone from any background. However, there was no other way of bringing you the readers 😊 into the scene, without my ‘by the way’ reference. By the way, I was on my way to the mall yesterday and a lady told me not to look at her hair! She got into a story about how the blow-dryer at the salon stopped working and since I had a few minutes to spare, I thought, why not?  Then I thought, this is totally me but with a different approach. I reassured her with ‘at least you didn’t look like what you think you do – on the 4th of July! Nice to know that banter is as good as gold everywhere, pretty much.


low angle photo of fireworks


Initially, I was heading to New Orleans but figured I’d go to Atlanta what with family out there that I hadn’t seen in a while. There’s something about the south I’ve had a taster of (maybe seeing Birmingham as a road sign or even Chattanooga, that makes me want to explore.




I like the city but appreciate calmness too. I can’t say the same about the driving here, well more-so people’s complaints about driving. My conclusion is; your either too fast and you’re a truck trying to cut corners, or too slow and it’s a problem. The point is there’s more to the south that meets the eye. I’ve heard so much trap music I don’t know whose who, but I’ve enjoyed the ride. Atlanta is very multicultural and diverse. There are stereotypes with every city or region in the world, so I’ll go ahead and list the 2 main one’s that for whatever reason are attached to the south/what Atlanta is known for.

1. Southern people are not as quick compared to others from different states.

2. Atlanta is majority Black.


Just for the fact more than one person correctly guessed I’m from London and not Australia, I’ll debunk point A. (It was a while back, still love you New York)!

Whilst Atlanta has an African American/Black presence, and of course with the Civil Rights Movement (Dr Martin Luther King); there are notably African Americans within Atlanta. However, I’ve noticed a big Latin community within wider Norcross Georgia for example, other cities as with Caucasians in Atlanta.

It’s been fun and an interesting whirlwind of emotions but there’s nothing like some good ol’ country trap musik. See what I did there. Hearing Lil Nas X everywhere, adds to the spirit of Atlanta. It’s safe to say – The Billboard controversy that came with his debut single, was the best thing that could happen to a newcomer! That’s one way of looking at it. Shout out to Billy Rae Cyrus too. You know that song that comes on in the club, and there’s that one person that’s contemplating whether to dance or not. Not over here, everyone’s bopping. He has since released other songs, but Old Town Road isn’t fading away. There is a country and western feel to the song (and with that it’s just dawned on me, I’m in the south!) Life is great & I’m ATL certified. Can’t nobody tell me nothin’ you can’t tell me nothin…’


My Atlanta Trip Part 1 of 3


If you know anything about me, you’ll know I have a quirky side. So, when I YouTube’d things to do in Atlanta, visiting Ponce City Market was one of them. Though it was a last-minute visit, I wanted to see what this all in one place had to offer. From clothes stores, to bars, restaurants and the ‘how it all works’ 4th floor I stumbled on, only to realize I didn’t have a card to swipe into work. Ponce City Market gave me a vintage – slightly upmarket feel.






There is something for everyone



The city market has both family vibe, and a place if you want to just chill or hang out with friends. One thing to bear in mind are the restaurants/bar areas, which was really crowded. The Food Hall in general, is busy and you’ll be lucky to get a seat. However, we are in summertime and with Atlanta being hot, it’s likely to gain more crowds.





Californian Hot Dog as recommended by the waiter!




I also imagined it to be -one of the less touristic things to see, on my to do list. Either way, you can splash out or watch the world go by, on the park benches outside.




I took my search seriously when looking for the top things to do in Atlanta. Though I’m staying with family…well, we’ve all been guilty of not seeing what’s under our nose in our hometown, so i had to make sure!

World of Coca Cola was a re-occurring theme that caught my eye. I had no idea that what I drink from time to time, was birthed in Atlanta. Knowing that the next time I drink Coke, Fanta or Sprite (favourite of mine), I can say I was where it all began and tried, I did try, and taste up to the 100+  flavours from around the world!




I still can’t get over the belvedere taste in fact Europe, surprised me! All is well, as South East Asia won the race, Africa didn’t do bad too. I still think about that belvedere taste, and it’s probably a good thing I don’t remember the other neighbouring countries within the continent. So, I’m taking this Coke thing a little seriously, but you’ll be surprised…and you had to have been there. Overall, Germany’s Coke beverage was nice and Japan without a doubt, was the best. Always the first in everything. Thailand gets a thumbs up too! So now that we’ve got the flavours out the way.


What is this secret formula?




Well, if we knew, then Coke wouldn’t be what it is today and that’s what makes the USA so great. However your celebrating do it well, and Happy Independence Day!