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Don’t let them take you’re mojo


We all have busy lives. Be it work, school, or taking care of the family. Whichever one it is, it usually involves a lot of interaction. Sometimes its this interaction, that can leave you feeling drained, bemused, or questioning why you decided to engage with a particular person in the first place. If you allow what someone thinks, or how they feel about you affect you, you’ve given them permission to steal you’re day.

You see no matter how wonderful, loving & kind you are, the ‘mojo thief,’ will always have a problem especially when you know who you are. As you become aware to their game, he or she tries to project their insecurities onto you then has the nerve to take offence, if you’re not ok with their dominance ‘ruling’ this time.


Some of you may have heard:

“That’s just his/her personality.” As if it rectifies my need, to twist ‘that person’s ear’ at hand. Real is the person who says:

“Its just their personality, they’re a narcissist.”

So I’ve said it.

The law of recognition can take you far. It might take a bit longer to recognise, the more personal the interaction is for example, relationships. When you do recognise the problem, taking action may not come easy. However, don’t let guilt get the best of you, it’s ok to put you’re needs first. I at least:

1. Kept an open mind.

2. Gave the benefit of the doubt.

If all else fails, then its time to be selfish with you. (If you’ve fallen out with a co-worker turned grim-reaper, total avoidance will be easier said than done. Otherwise, collect you’re sick pay and avoid the grim-reaper, at all cost).

Be professional but don’t bare all, if you get my drift. A broken record is unlikely to change, but what you do next is a decision. The decisions I’ve made, began with me being honest with myself. Lose my mojo, I think not.