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5 Things I Have Learned Through Travelling


As of lately, I’ve been on a bit of a mission. One of them, is to tick off – the bucket list of places I’ve always wanted to visit. Okay, so I’ve got a bit of a fascination with the States and I’m currently in Atlanta! In my next blog, I’ll be getting into what I’ve gotten up to so far, and what the ATL has to offer.  (For those of you that travel or are new to this world of adventure, you may be familiar with a few things in this list either or…you heard it here first!

 5 things I have learned through travelling


1) Have an open mind.

If you don’t, you could end up getting frustrated over things you would otherwise overlook, within your hometown. It’s not about compromising who you are but having a little patience. This goes a long way, into having a fruitful experience.

2) I’m an ambassador for my country.

Whenever I visit a new country, people often tell me how they would love to visit London/the UK. I know its cold majority of the time, and I also know I’m not the only one that finds after being in a country majority of your life, things can get a little boring. However, the excitement I see in people’s faces lets me know, I can be –am, a great ambassador for my country. So with casual ”Hello’s” and informal introductions out of the way; ”Excuse me”? Think, selling point. High-time I get paid for it too!


Mama Mia


3) Self-Love

Ever heard of the saying ”it’s not you, it’s me.” Well if you’re new to a country, whether visiting or relocating and the odd person doesn’t immediately gravitate towards you, then fret not. They’re just as curious as you were; trying to explore that hidden gem of a market you heard about from your friend’s trip to morocco. Sometimes. So just swap that -timeless old saying around, the next time you see prying eyes. Really, ”It’s not me, it’s you.’’ 😊

4) I’m posh, and no amount of cockney slang in my ”and scene” moments, is going to change that.

5) You can make lifelong connections through travelling.

I have met many kinds of people, some in which I am still in contact with. Whether it’s through a mutual contact, being on summer break, work-related travel or simply through conversation in a social gathering; don’t be afraid to talk to people. Observe your surroundings (as a safety tip), now take the floor. At least, one person.








How To Have A Life And Social Media Too

You know that sound screeching sound you hear from a tyre that breaks through wreck less driving? That’s social media (once in a while). A car that needs servicing but ‘its just going to have to wait.’ There’s not much redemption ‘online’ however, we (they; us; over there but not including you & I; ) are experts on… Everything. I’m glad I can say I’m not addicted to social media, nor is it life or death if I’m not on every-single-platform-for-the-sake of it. Nope.

Haha love

I’m at that stage now where there’s got to be a purpose. If its not blog related or something that makes sense right now? It can wait. All I know is, being “away” helps me plan and having time to myself, helps me in my self-development. Its the mediocrity of “people” the q & ‘s that make me shy away so now you know.

If we spent more time working on ourselves than others like a project; oh, we’d be complete, almost! Too much Investing (whatever that may be) into something that brings little fulfilment, can leave you wanting- and with needs still unmet.

Sure, you’re familiar with the saying ‘material things can’t bring you happiness,’ well neither can a job, a relationship or other things we expect to complete us if we’re not already whole. Some of us live vicariously through others on social media, we want to see what others are doing. Not just a celebrity, but our peers, acquaintances, even strangers- if they tick the right box.

So, what are some of the pros & cons of social media?

Here’s a list I made earlier:


  • You’ve got something to say or good content? you can share it! Platforms are there to use.
  • We can connect with people we don’t know and reconnect with those we do, whether they’re a thousand miles away or ten. Its great for networking too.
  • You’re guaranteed to see something that will make you laugh or make you think.

Finally, news comes fast. The rise in technology means a lot of us are on our smartphones, tablets etc. That’s one click from your favourite source of info…

Social media
Social Media brings people together :)


  • As mentioned earlier in my post, ‘we spend more time working on others’  without realizing the emotional lackluster, in ourselves.
  • If you can’t “outdo” your last post, you’ll waste time trying to outdo others.
  • Things that you post online can be misinterpreted, or taken out of context.

*Taking time out from some social media doesn’t mean something’s wrong. Having a life, includes being offline, too.

“Where you been?”

“Obviously… I’m up to something.”

Investing in myself is as much about finances as it is emotionally, mentally, career wise and my overall well-being. It’s this notion, ‘investment,’ that matters when its all said and done.

‘How To Have A Life And Social Media Too’

Thanks for reading!