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How to cope/coping mechanisms for the times were in

We all cope differently; some of us may ‘cope’ the same, or have more than one way of coping.

It could be through talking, having a quiet moment to yourself, praying, or reading some a type of scripture. We could go for a run, re-watch movies we’ve seen, read a book or go from watching your favourite YouTube videos, to consuming clips that are unrelated to your life.

Maybe you need to vent. You’re angry with what you see, you’re tired of what you see, so you voice your frustrations. You may want to add your 2 cents, be on the front-line or show your support the best way you know-how, with the racial injustices you see. You might be flicking from one channel to the other – you might be tired of the news, you might have found a balance between the two.

You might take a trip – you may need a trip. It might only be an hour away. It might be work that’s keeping you, you’re discovering who you are or your talents maybe soon, you’ll be the boss the point is; we all need an escape.

If it’s working, then you’re coping.

Top 3 Things to do/see in Istanbul

(Ideal for first-time visitors or those on a quick trip).

For my first visit, Istanbul might be my favourite destination. If I could describe this place in 4 words – it would be:




Crazy, and in that order too. 

Crazy being good because the last thing anybody would want is to travel to another country only for it to be boring, right? If you haven’t been, you’d be glad to know it’s anything but boring as much as I wanted nothing but a serene, beach break. There’s always a part two!

So, here are my Top 3 things to do/see in Istanbul.

1) Visit Sultanahmet Square. 

You’ll find all the key landmarks and sites in this area, such as Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, with an 8-9 minute walk to Topkapi Palace. Or if you prefer, take in the views and more on The Hop on Hop off Bus tour.

2) Grand Bazaar! 

From clothes to accessories, kitchenware, cafe’s/restaurants, perfumes and so much more, this walk-through outdoor market comes alive from the moment it opens. You can also find currency exchange or Atm’s if you’re short of cash, just make sure to haggle well and don’t get lost. Oh and Turkish delight; (down the stairs & through the tunnel’s indoor-type bazaar) thank me later! 

3) Taskim Square

Big, like the rest of Istanbul. They sell everything from souvenirs to clothing, and if you want a break after taking walking tour on Istiklal Avenue, relax at the square on a bench or the nearby park, and watch the world go by.

Ps. Taskim Square is not Istiklal Street, (i.e. neighbouring shops, ice-cream or the odd street performer) however it’s close by, so don’t miss it! 

(Honorable Mentions)


For a Shopping Mall, I found some of the stores were not that expensive. For that reason, it’s a favourite of mine. 


Hope these Top 3 Things to do/see in Istanbul get you off to a good start!

In summary:

‘Travel defeats prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.’ Mark Twain.

Not even Covid-19 could stop me from my wanderlust, even with being the most careful person I know. Well, after seven months into the pandemic still with borders slowly opening up, I’ve decided… now’s the time to get back out there!

Want to hear more about my travel journey?

I’m working on something – (capturing the real essence of my travels & the beauty that many cultures, have to offer). I just need the equipment!


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