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US Election

I’m not one to talk about politics, really though I’m not.

At least not to the point I’ll consider blogging about it – until now.
I don’t mean to throw you off but here’s a little head’s up.

At no point am I prepared to get into intricacies about the US election, who I think is going to win or what I think think this might mean for the world yes I said it, the world. Regardless of who wins.

I’ll save that for the face to face conversation I had earlier today.

The truth is, even if you wanted to avoid the election you can’t, it’s everywhere. From IG to Twitter, Facebook and on our TV screens, to every media outlet there is. If you don’t have social media, sorry this includes you too, so it’s probably too late to say brace yourself. You’ve met or overheard that one person who’s uttered the words; race, republican, democrat, Trump, Biden, Harris.

So much has consumed a fair amount of election “talk” I’ll probably become an expert by the next one?

I’m cringing at the thought of this and if what you’re reading sounds good, then to answer your question; no, I don’t know why I was cringing – to begin with

The US 2020 election has dominated every other talking point.

Now that brings me to the next question; whoever wins, what impact will it have on Americans, what does this mean for the world? Do you care? And how much of you’re routine will be as usual?

How to cope/coping mechanisms for the times were in

We all cope differently; some of us may ‘cope’ the same, or have more than one way of coping.

It could be through talking, having a quiet moment to yourself, praying, or reading some a type of scripture. We could go for a run, re-watch movies we’ve seen, read a book or go from watching your favourite YouTube videos, to consuming clips that are unrelated to your life.

Maybe you need to vent. You’re angry with what you see, you’re tired of what you see, so you voice your frustrations. You may want to add your 2 cents, be on the front-line or show your support the best way you know-how, with the racial injustices you see. You might be flicking from one channel to the other – you might be tired of the news, you might have found a balance between the two.

You might take a trip – you may need a trip. It might only be an hour away. It might be work that’s keeping you, you’re discovering who you are or your talents maybe soon, you’ll be the boss the point is; we all need an escape.

If it’s working, then you’re coping.