Can travel in Covid-19 help with our well-being?

I thought I’d ask this question as I’m one of many people who thought about what it would be like to travel, as the borders opened up. In short, yes. Don’t get me wrong; I was fearful and unsure with seeing news about COVID-19 increasing. So, I ruled out travel till next year much later, into 2021. However, I realized I needed a new scene, and after doing a lot of research, I decided to go to Turkey.

Travelling amidst a pandemic, I didn’t know what to expect at the airport or on the plane, but I was ready and most importantly COVID-19 free. Just the idea of travelling, and being in the airport made a difference. I felt good, and now, I feel great.

Everyone at most was social distancing and hand-sanitizers were in key-locations, which reassured me. Also, everyone was wearing a mask. Travelling from the UK, the Cabin crew took my temperature before I got on the plane then the receptionist, when I got to the hotel. Honestly, I was a little nervous – think about it. September weather in Istanbul is 26 -27 degrees on average (that’s hot for me). I didn’t know what this meant for my temperature – after I got off the plane. When I got to the hotel, my temperature was taken and voila.

Getting away was just what I needed. Travelling smart is crucial. Also, I made sure to take my time with flying out when the borders opened up. Should they close, it’s just a case of adapting but until then, for as long as you follow social distancing rules, wear a mask, wash your hands regularly & stay COVID-19 free…Then you’re good to go.

It’s easier to cope during these times if you have hope or do everything in your power to find it. Regardless if you travel or not, (but if you do decide) even taking a short break to another part of the country you live in might help you to see things differently. In times like this -given there’s no lockdown etc. travel, can help to improve our well-being.

Things might have changed, though what stays the same? We as people evolve and change every day. Whilst the time felt right, I did take baby-steps. Looking at my options, it was a case between where I hadn’t been, where I’d like to go still, what countries were low-risk. Once I did my part, then came the planning and I was good to go.

(Currently, Turkey’s been added to the quarantine list as of yesterday for UK returnee travellers – still opened to visit, if you don’t mind self-isolating upon return).

One day, it might all be routine as usual but-until then stay safe and remember, follow the rules!

Look out for my next blog: Top 3 things to do/see in Istanbul.

Thanks for reading!

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