Verzuz: Jill Scott and Erykah Badu

Last night saw the revival of Verzuz in what felt like a hiatus of IG battles, mainly down to two reasons:

  1. Were still on lockdown due to corona.
  2. Jill Scott & Erykah Badu brought Neo-Soul live to our screens; the perfect timing for anyone looking to detox or experience some type of cleanse.

Yes, it was nothing more than a musical, dreamy, and overall therapeutic listening party that I (and not alone) never wanted to end. From the start the artwork in Jill Scott’s backdrop set the tone for the coming together of two pure souls – another IG Live in which you had to be there! Of course, Ms Erykah Badu came prepared and entertained fans with a Bruce Lee movie/reel playing in the background (now I love her more)!

This wasn’t a battle, it was purity and for real music lovers out there genre-specific or not, tuning in, moved you.

So, this beautiful, and very sensual sisterhood meeting… would feel impossible to break down song by song I mean where would I start. The educational talks, sessions, throwbacks, laughter, emotion and entertainment, makes this impossible to break down both as a battle and song by song review. Even then, all the songs they both played had impact in some way.

There were a few songs I’d never heard however, highlights such as: Love of my Life by Erykah, Jill Scott’s You Got Me Ft. The Roots (and they both had versions), Jill Scott Getting In The Way, Erykah Badu’s Call Tyrone and Honey, Jill Scott’s Blessed and Crown Royal, were just some of the standout tracks. Being a poetry lover also, it made me feel inspired!

Wherever you are, today’s another celebration so Happy Mother’s Day! And to everyone, be inspired!

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