8 Things I learned during the Teddy Riley Vs Babyface: IG Battle

1. Teddy Riley is transparent.

What you see is what you get. He’s smooth with it and while he got us moving, he kept me entertained!

2. BabyFace is smooth.

I’ve never seen a more calmer man, he just refused to break a sweat. He makes a lot of people look like they’ve been doing it wrong, and anyone under 60 in the music game! Take notes..

3. Teddy’s Discography & Music is unmatched.

From his selection to its presentation, Teddy Riley’s music is out of this world. He’s produced for Michael Jackson (Dangerous album too), Bobby Brown, Lady Gaga, Destiny’s Child, Dr Dre, Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson’s ‘Scream’ and Janet Jackson – ‘Lonely.’ Plus, hundreds of hits and he’s The King of New Jack Swing.

4. Babyface is Music Babyface is R&B.

What he has done for music and given to fans, is a blessing. The creative genius of 90s R&B, his music credits include BoysIIMen, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Beyonce to name a few that he’s written and produced for. Laface records included Outkast, Pink and TLC, need I say more.

5. Teddy is hilarious.

Getting too see a part of music history and be comedically entertained at the same time has made my “quarantine.” I mean he got Dre on face-time…

6. Babyface’s confidence is something most could only dream they had.

7. Humility wins.

It was nice to see the respect and commeradory that both Legends had for one another. The hits, classic albums, and songs they continue to create make them the best that ever did it. Though there cemented in music, they – including producers/singer-songwriters, deserve way more credit than they get.

8. The much anticipated battle garnered so much attention, that the views reached over 580k with 3 million, people trying to tune in.

Not only is it a win for R&B, but it’s a win for Music and for the culture.

If you haven’t already click here, to see the playlist/review of the legendary rounds.

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