Goodbye London & Hello To Sunny Distant Lands

Hi my lovlies long time no see. Hope you’re all well, doing fine or great. It’s been a long time and yes I did miss you, even when I’m not here I do! I’m sure at least one of you can relate, you know that feeling of ‘family away from family,’ or did I just make that up? Anyway, one of the reasons I haven’t checked in, is because I’ve been busy sorting out what I should pack & what I should ship-off, to my new life in Dubai.

I’m leaving!

Not on a jet plane, but the whole ordeal feels like it. I made an application to be a Teacher and needed an excuse to be around sun, sea & sand and here I am! OK, so it wasn’t as simple as that but the long nights are over, and I considerably thought I’ll spare you the details other than being exhausted. I’m going to be a Teacher, Abroad!

I thought about this as a career path back in the good ol’ days, but there was something about the pgce (Post Grad Cert. In Education that felt all too much like returning to university. Coming from someone who wanted to do a masters, this might seem odd. Still, here I am.

Going through the high’s & dealing with the lows, is just something were all going to have to deal with. Some more than others, but the more things that happen out of the blue that you can’t explain (other than this trip), the more unbelievable your sucess will be. Being succesfull isn’t limited to money alone, its who you turn out to be.

Hard work definately plays a part but it’s patience and perseverance, too. It’s not being a part of the crowd, it’s going through pain but knowing how to adapt because it’s adapting, that makes things so much easier and after all, its helped me in the past so it’ll help me now.

Anyway, I’m off to far distant lands and I’m excited, anxious…and with all the research I’ve done I still don’t know what to expect, but I know it will be good.