Remember the saying “rules are made to be broken?” While I was neither here nor there with the term but was tired of hearing it with a passion, I do believe in a day off.

Now thanks to the re-definition of niche, some kind of showdown occurred with my voice of reason. The kind that boldly suggests I must stick to my “niche” and God forbid, not stick to it. Well, this is what happened when I tried it out.







My pen suffered, & I was cracking my brain about what I could do to uplift something, or someone somewhere? What I needed to do was blog about it, upbeat or not.

Sometimes, I just want to rant…for everything I don’t rant about in “real-life” I’m talking face to face situations quite frankly, I don’t have the energy but this is why your here.







Or, I could write about 2Pac and what he did for Music as an Art-form, and how he gave Poetry a whole new meaning.





The Emancipation of Mimi, & albums that came just when I needed it.






At times be so gutsy you’ll miss the romance. In the poem.




Then there’s the crazy things that go on in Popular Culture; love or hate? My guilty pleasure.


Niche Sport

You can love football so much you decide to blog about it. But if you’re a writer first who happens to enjoy the sport, know the ins & out to the game & all the players, still you work as a graphic designer and blog about it… The super bowl, however is coming up. Now it’s a toss between the football lover, and the die-hard obsessed fan who has to choose between their first love & love that makes sense. The good news is, there are many lovers out there.


May the force be with you?


I’ve seen Personal stories, then posts with nothing but pure art. What can I say? I’m inspired. I’ll leave the engineers to their technicalities but hey, a good piece is a good piece and I wouldn’t mind one too.




My niche is how I see it. Things that move me, topics I like or something that just so happens to connect, my niche is my bite-size interpretation of “it all.”

I’ll go crazy talking about one thing with so many options…My take, is my Niche. (Disclaimer). Here’s to having a niche, within a niche.



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