My 2018 Will Be

The year is off to a new start: 2018 has arrived. Well were three days into the new year, I know, but I wasted no time in making the most of what I need to do, to get things done. Now If a day, or a particular moment hasn’t gone your way, it’s ok. That piece of history doesn’t have to dictate your entire year, you still have the rest of it. Be kind to yourself and if that was the case last year, well then be kinder this year. I figured it makes perfect sense to create opportunities for myself, rather than just seeking. So I’m making goals happen, and setting new ones as I go along.

Happy New Year

You have 365 days of it!

5 thoughts on “My 2018 Will Be

  1. It is true, there are always going to be ups and downs but the important thing is to look ahead because at the end of each rainbow is a pot of gold waiting to be found. Here is to an amazing 2018!


  2. Such good advice! Yes, we absolutely need to have goals, but be kind to ourselves, as you said, if things don’t go the way we expect right away. The current failures don’t have to affect future successes.


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