I’ve often wondered why I feel the urge to write. I write because I love words, the written word, and because I care. Writing is therapeutic for most people, it’s also a release for me. I love writing, but with that comes many emotions. Being Stumped once the pen or keyboard is in front of you and everything becomes a blur, is something not even great writers can avoid. The good news is, it’s a normal routine and thank God, I have learned to accept it. It might take fifteen minutes, sometimes half a day to know exactly what it is, I want to write.

So now that I know what to write the question is, how do I write it?

Finding my voice as a writer, was important at an early stage and gradually, I knew my style.

So who is it for?


When I think of writing as a profession or hobby, it has to serve a need or a cause. I like to write to inform, enlighten & entertain. I have to write because I can’t be selfish. I need to write because it helps me.



29 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I was never a ‘writer’ when I was a younger, I never even had a diary. I started writing at the age of 30, and now I love it. It calms me down. So just keep writing, that’s never a bad thing.:-)


    1. I never had a diary too lol. I tried to keep one but it never worked. I think its great that you started writing then…after not writing for some time it made sense to ‘start over,’ and I’m glad I did : )


  2. I’ve always seen writing as a way to decompress. Whatever thoughts are in my head, I always gain some clarity once I’ve written them down.


  3. I hear you, like you, I have to write and it is something that I was born to do from a young age. Writing is how I communicate and while I will never be the most eloquent and confident speaker, writing helps me express who I am and how I want to come across to others x


  4. I love this. Writing is so therapeutic to me, but I stopped writing for so long that I’m trying to get my voice back. I am now writing as often as I can and it’s really helping me learn about myself.


  5. As long as I can remember, I’ve been writing. Whether it was in a journal as a child, or now as a blogger in a more public forum. Even as I go about my days, I carry a notebook with me and am writing snippets as I think of them. Not everything turns into something I’ll share with someone else and mostly I write for me. x


    1. Yep some things are for keeps, I also write for myself too. I think in cases where someone might relate to what I’m saying, then ‘my writing,’ is for them too. X


  6. I write because I love it. IT has always moved me. And at times it is even therapeutic. It’s a shame that the art of writing is slowly being replaced by acronyms and emojis.


  7. writing is an art to express your ideas, your views and share with the world. Stories can be more effective if written in a great way.


  8. I think every writer and some point should sit down and ask themselves why! It definitely helps make you a better writer when you think more in depth about what you want and need too.

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  9. I love this! I used to love writing as a child, I wrote stories and my teachers always said I had “quite the imagination” when it came to writing stories, in University I wrote Screenplays and now I have my blog, somehow I can get my thoughts and stories out better when I write instead of try to tell.

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  10. I’ve never been into writing or reading when I was younger (I even had my friends write my lessons for me lol), I used to prefer watching a video over reading a book or an article, but once I hit my 20s, I suddenly started developing interest in books, novels, articles etc, and also started writing here and there, and it quickly became a hobby and a way to release my stress and feel better, so I absolutely feel you.


  11. I also love writing because I love words. It’s always good to figure out what makes you happy, glad you’ve figured out why you like writing.


  12. Neither of my parents were writers but they did love to read and passed that preference down to myself and my sister. Writing short essays in high school and college came easily to us whereas it was harder for some others. It is a skill that I am proud of.

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