Torn Libra 

I like spontaneity
I need balance,
I love chocolate & the sound of the rain.
I need the sun & the shine,
I love to laugh but it’s important to cry.
I hate feeling weak but to not feel, would be weak.
I’m a ‘cheer Jason Bourne on’ but Love Jones type a girl.
I’ve admired I’ve inspired
I tell All to those not close to me, almost.
I’m open with people I know,
I’m closed.
People I know-know nothing about me. There’s people I know who know nothing about me. Yet they know somehow. I mean, absolutely nothing. Yet would still swear blind…

So how do I get? -You don’t do anything. Just pose in the meantime or stay in the middle of the dancefloor my Libra, I’ll do the rest.


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