Why it’s important to follow your instinct 

It was a 6 am start at the Royal Parks half Marathon. The main challenge of embarking on my shift an hour earlier was completed, besides the ten hours, nothing could stop me now. A community spirit filled the atmosphere so I joined in on the warm up routine, which did wonders with coffee. After medals, treats, & crowd motivation came to an end, winding-down the event was the choir, the bouncy castle, and the wall. The wall of Rock Climbing.

Seeing this sent me back to my childhood and I couldn’t hide the excitement as I told my team

“I want to climb that wall.” As I envisioned the whole thing, a guy that stood beside me said:

“That is for kids.”

Suddenly the ‘Adult’ kicked in, and the wall became a toy. I jokingly argued my point but his point didn’t settle until I let it, perhaps?  The vase/face illusion from my student days was in full effect, only it yielded less result this time round. So here I am. Thinking about this rock I must climb. Come to think of it any rock. Really & truly we all have these…road to success, climbing up the ladder, falling down & getting back up no matter how freeze frame it looks. You’ll always be a trooper to passers by. Like the 11 year old girl who climbed again & again. She was Spiderman to me.

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