Sorry I almost left my manners at the door. You’ll have to excuse my absence only to stroll back in with a post like nothing happened. (Too revealing can’t watch). Like many of you would have experienced at some point in life, life happened. The personal, and then some. Which frustratingly was enough to slip away, but to my slight defence, in addition, I was locked out of my account. The agony. My phone got lost, and resetting my password didn’t help since my iOS was registered as the recovery backup, sms & the whole 9.

Wait, before the phone was lost/stolen I’ve practically been hopscotching in & out the motherland and yes. The laptop broke down. Things got real. So remind me to get a travel adaptor better yet stabiliser, next time I up & leave as I’ve missed my getaway. Home away from home, from home. My little solace of wordpress, escape from jarring ‘know it all’s on “that” social media.

Now I was the same girl clicking like. I mean, what’s a girl to do, when there’s no depth to Him.


That being another reason but enough of distractions. I’m doing good. Still, thanks for sticking around (I know how it works so shout out), and to the ‘Happiness Engineers’ that brought the ‘Calm.’

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