You watched as I bounced around
You saw the festivities with this one bundle of joy. Got to be a boy
You pondered over football and teaching me the ropes.
Arm wrestle, Super-Nintendo like you knew my horoscope

I blew your mind with all that movement as if to crave the day of light but who knew. Over and over, and over again To the Point it became a tag & I didn’t want to disappoint. Well, what with me being “shy’’, ‘baby-born’ was all I ever cared about and braiding my favourite doll’s hair. Such fine-tuned were my skills most thought she came like that, but enough about the doll. Not a care in the world. Sure you cared, moulding me into a Chung-li; Mario brother’s semi-pro (loved that game). Mini me of you, like a proud father you were.

Then it got on your nerves. Can’t say I when this is what you wanted. Soon realised the ‘girl’ kicked in, needing coming-of-age-advice Uh oh Hold it right there where you going? I took your advice but need more, just be there in the background like you promised.

Now this love & dislike war has me conflicted however, justified. You knew. Not major to the outside world, but enough that it was enduring for those several, elongated months.

You anticipated my arrival embraced me with joy
Shared your sweets I played with your toys.
You defended each step and I became your protector and then Crash-Bang-Thud.
No Words, Nada.
So I wait for your arrival perhaps someday, it’ll all be normal again.
The day came with changes too, in me and you.

What I wouldn’t tolerate with anyone else there’s so much to say. Right ok……

We argued we were good, then argued and argued and nothing. I should be bitter-sweet, yet this maturity overwhelms me to the point of staying still. If I was a boy oh boy it would have been something else.

Convinced of my dislike in all the silence,
I saw you cry.

Hugged you, remembering when I was there like you hugged me, remember?


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